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Workshop Price: $497*

Introductory Price ONLY

Valued at $1,697


This workshop is scheduled to start on November 16, 2020

Monday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30 PM for 4 weeks

Via Zoom

Class size limited to 10 CEOs so everyone can ask questions and receive my full attention.

* Price includes a copy of the book FIX THIS NEXT by Mike Michalowicz

Class Structure

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Module 1:  Foundations

  • I will introduce to you the Survival Trap that Entrepreneurs fall into  that may be causing you problems right now.

  • I will explain how Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs maps to the Business Hierarchy of Needs.  You will want to tear out the diagram and keep it with you at all times - it is THAT valuable!

  • FTN Assessment System - you will learn how to assess your business anytime - businesses fail because they are doing the wrong things or doing the right thing at the wrong time.  That will not happen to you EVER AGAIN because you have this tool.

  • Explain the Vital Needs process (identification, OMEN, Track Progress).  This system documents the Vital Needs so that you can stay focused and know when you have truly fixed what's not working.

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Module 2:  Numbers Review

  • By completing the Profit First Numbers Assessment - you will pinpoint some specific actions you must take to make sure your business is healthy financially.

  • By using the numbers on your own Profit/Loss Statement (you won't have to share any of it with anyone if you don't want to) you will quickly see where the financial gaps are.  This is the first step to being your own Chief Financial Officer. Business owners don't stop to ask "am I spending money in a way that is appropriate for my business, or am I spending just because there is money in the bank?"

  • Business Hierarchy of Needs - you will learn systematized approach to stop feeling confused and worried so that you can confidently and calmly set out to fix YOUR business.

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Module 3:  Assess Sales & Profit

  • We will analyze DEEPLY this most foundational level to insure that your business will survive and thrive.

  • We will review LifeStyle Congruence - the amount your business needs to generate to support YOUR life.  Isn't that why we become entrepreneurs?

  • You will learn how important Prospect Conversion is and why this needs to be one of your top 3 focuses to insure profitability.

  • We investigate where your customers comes from and what their LifeTime Value is.  

  • You will receive the tools to really get clear on your Product Profit Margins (PPM), your Average Sales Value per Customer and other metrics that will drive your Marketing efforts.

  • Profit is severely impacted by Debt, so we will evaluate the ROI on borrowed money and determine whether a load / debt is a good investment.

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Module 4:  Assess Order

  • In this module you will learn that efficiency drives down waste that sucks the life out of your business and bank account. 

  • You will learn a simple approach to documenting your most important PROCESS and receive 3 tools to fix the process so that your business delivers a consistent Customer Experience.

  • Finally, does the business need YOU in order to deliver to customers?  You will quickly understand that delegation os the key to running your business and not the business running YOU.

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Module 5:  Fix Sales & Profit

  • In this module you will create the plan to fix Sales issues using the OMEN method.

O stands for Objective

M stands for Measurement

E stands for Evaluation

N stands for Nurture

  • We then turn our attention to creating the plan to fix one of issues that surfaced in Profit - also using the OMEN method.

  • Homework will be to create the OMEN plan for Order

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Module 6: Make Impact & Create Your 5-Year Vision

  • You have the skill and drive to move the business through any challenge.

  • There are infinite ways to address business challenges - that part is up to you.  You have assessed, you have planned the next "fix" and you will succeed.

  • In this module we create a vision for your business in 5 years.  This becomes your "WHY" as you tackle these Vital Needs one by one.

  • With the knowledge you have gained in this class, you have learned a powerful navigation tool and it will serve you for years to come.



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Full Price

You can pay by credit card, or bank transfer

$ 497

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3 Monthly Payments

You can pay each installment by credit card or bank transfer.

Please note that total amount paid is $ 500

$ 250

per month for 2 months

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