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Diana Miret

The Business Profit Coach

I am a business planning guru with a laser focus on business health and profitability.  I have led both large corporate divisions and business start-ups. These skills were developed while working as an executive in corporations in Canada and the US.  


During my 32 year corporate career, I led operational divisions in IT Service Management, Strategic Initiatives, and Mergers & Acquisitions. I also led corporate project groups focused on major new product development and launches.  I successfully retired at age 54 but after taking some time to travel and relocate to Florida,  began my consultancy in 2015 as a “second chapter" career.  


I am passionate about assisting the business owner to maximize profit. As a proud alumnus of University of Cincinnati's School of Business with a dual major in Accounting and Finance, I also was awarded certifications in Business Process Re-engineering (MIT), IT Service Management and Project Management, I understand Operations and Strategy as well as Marketing and Customer Service. 

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She gave me back time

So I have worked with Diana to build out my packages, pricing and onboarding process for my clients.    I was struggling to onboard clients quickly because I didn't have a system.  The thing I appreciated about working with Diana is she was able to take the big vision I had in my head and create a simple and easy process for me to follow.     As a result,  I have been able to enroll more clients and feel more confident when delivering my proposal.


Lastly,  beyond her being a great system person she was really interested in my success.    Most people today just take your money but they are not vested in seeing you win.      This is why I would highly recommend you work with her.     So yes it was more than worth my time working with her....  in fact she gave me back my time. 


Owner of a Social Media Company

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