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The Assessment guaranteed to get YOU Clear On What To Focus On Next in your business

If you are spinning your wheels and not making the money you want to make, this program is for you.


Hi, I'm Diana,
a Certified FIX THIS NEXT Advisor

I work with business owners who struggle with having too much on their plate, are not making the money they want and don't have enough time for their life.

I help them to find time and profitability in their business, so that they can get everything done WHILE making money.

Ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels in your business and trying to do “all the things”, then end up never actually getting any traction? That’s what happens when:

Everything is urgent

Everything is a priortiy

When we can’t clearly see what the real priorities are, we end up wasting our time on activities that aren’t actually helping us move the dial.

I know I did.  When I first started my business, I did not know where to start.  Should I focus on Sales?  A system?  My profit?  Social Media?  My brand?

Sometimes we are trying to solve symptoms but aren’t getting to the root cause and treating the underlying condition that is causing the symptoms.

And this doesn’t actually solve anything. It wastes effort and resources.

It’s time to cut through the noise and use a system that gives you the answers as to exactly what you should focus on next in your business.

This is what Mike Michalowicz, the creator of FIX THIS NEXT

says about me


Just as humans can't survive without oxygen, food, and water, if you don't have sales your company will not be able to survive for long.


In this class, you will analyze the 5 needs in the SALES level to ensure your foundation is working solidly and can support the next level, PROFIT.


After sales comes profitability. Run a lean business with good margins to make sure you don’t ever have to wonder “where did all the cash go?”.

Massive revenue doesn't mean much when you have no profit, no cash reserves, and are drowning in debt.

In this class, we review all 5 needs in the PROFIT level are satisfied, and you are positioned to scale your business without financial collapse.

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The focus is on the creation of efficiency, and the needs are related to ensuring that everything runs "like clockwork." 

With all its organizational efficiency needs met, your business can run and GROW no matter who is on the team.

In this class you will know for sure if your most important systems are running perfectly.

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This level is about client transformation and how your business aligns to your staff, vendors and community.


Do you want your business to deliver impact after you move on?  This is about creating a business that continues to thrive for generations to come.

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Business Hierarchy of Needs


Trusted by Companies and Entrepreneurs

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Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Organized and Efficient

"Thank you so much for your help today. I am excited and feeling hopeful that my business can be successful in all areas with your guidance."

Patricia C.

Fix This Next Client

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Clear and Ready To Go

"It was a great session and I am ready to implement changes in both my business and personal life.  I have gained empowerment to bring myself to the next level."

C. C.

Fix This Next Client

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Doubled My Profit!

"The value of working with the Fix This Next system is bringing financial awareness to gain a clearer understanding of what is impacting my current and future profitability."

Kelly S.

Fix This Next Client


Why hire a FIX THIS NEXT Advisor?

The best action you can take as a business owner is to quickly develop a plan to fix the problems that are stopping your profit.

You see, if taking available information (such as reading the Fix This Next Book) and applying it perfectly to our situation was that simple, wouldn’t we all just be out there problem free?


There are millions of self-help resources to show us exactly WHAT to do to solve our problems. But this information is explicit. We’re missing the  tacit knowledge that only an expert can provide.

I am an advisor and certified by Mike Michalowicz himself, the author of Fix This Next, in his methodology. I have insider and additional resources at my disposal. I have training that goes above and beyond the content of the book itself.

In addition to my Fix This Next certification, I am also well-versed in small business. I’ve been working with small businesses for over 5 years. I own and run my own successful business coaching practice.


I am also a life-long learner and have done a variety of other courses and certifications.

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